Model Girl Soha Ali Abro Appeared in First IFG Undergarment Ad in Pakistan

Undergarments business and its discussion is taboo in Pakistan, let alone the modeling for lingerie brand. But these IFG Bra & Bra Setstwo norms have been broken by two rebels, IFG and Sohai Ali Abro. In a most talked about TVC of IFG Sohai Ali Abro appeared confident and clear about the purpose of the ad. The idea behind the ad is to embrace yourself which  both Sohai and IFG have done with grace. Off course, she didn’t appear wearing Bra or undergarments, but the hidden message of comfort says a lot. The interesting part of the TVC is that you won’t get what the ad is all about until the last scene, which is both good advertising and interesting.

IFG Nighties

This ad gathered mixed reviews from critics; some think that still it is not the appropriate to run an undergarment TVC in any hidden way.  As many girls watch tv with parents and brother and this ad will make them feel awkward, while the other think that finally Pakistan and its society is addressing women centric issue and they are coming out of their shell of making irrelevant things a taboo in the society. Sohai Ali Abro stance on the ad is still unclear, or we may say we have her stance since  she chose to perform in this ad and became an ambassador of an undergarments brand in Pakistan.

All we can say that IFG is the leading undergarments brand of Pakistan and it should lead the way as it is leading. Girls can order home delivery of IFG bra and nighties from online shop at

You can view the complete Shoa’s IFG Ad by from Youtube link below.

View at Youtube

How to Measure Your Bra Size Correctly with

Bra sizes are myth for every woman who wears bra. Especially in Pakistan very little is known about bra sizes and specifically cup sizes. Well measuring your correct bra size is not very difficult. Ladies get confused when they wear one sizes in one brand and when they buy the same size in other brand, they find it either loose or tight or simply not okay.  Here we are making it very simple for you to measure your bra size before you order bra at our website. Follow the following steps and you will find your perfect bra size. Continue reading

Bride to Be Lingerie Guide

What Lingerie should you Buy if you are Getting Married?

If you are getting married then you must write lingerie in your shopping list.  Brides in Pakistan usually forget Lingerie when shopping for their wedding. We will not only tell you why you must buy some classy lingerie for your post wedding activities but we will also guide you what your lingerie closet should include.

  1. Pushup Bra Sets ( at least 2 )

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of pushup bra sets for a bride to be. The first and the foremost reason is that Brides in Pakistan naturally wear heavily embroidered dresses and such dresses always make you look flat and unattractive in figure. A pushup bra under such dresses will help you too retain your figure and breast will not look saggy. Further the lift of pushup bra helps creates a beautiful cleavage.

  1. Long Bridal Gown:

A bridal gown is a must and any bride’s lingerie collection is incomplete without a long sexy bridal gown preferably sheer. Soft bridal gowns are not only beautiful to look at but they give you a lean silhouette which makes you look uber attractive in your partner’s eyes.

  1. Babydoll with a Robe:

A babydoll with a robe is the perfect set. You can wear babydoll at intimate times or can add a robe for a more sober sexier look. Since layering is always fun. Babydoll comes in different styles like off shoulders or full sleeves; select what you are comfortable with. Since babydoll will be your best friend and you will love sleeping in the cozy and minimal wear in those hot summer nights.

  1. A Pack of Panty:

You can never have enough panties. You must own at least dozen panties to change every day. You should buy comfortable panties for everyday wear but you should not forget that they should be pretty to look at. Since you a new bride you must leave behind your boring one color panties. Give them a touch of net or lace; try different styles like boyshort or hip hugger. We are sure you will love or advice.

So these were few recommendations for a bride to be Lingerie closet. I hope you will find it helpful.


Different Types of Bridal Lingerie


Bridal Lingerie Styles

Smart Clothing gives confidence. To feel good about yourself, your dressing plays a significant role. When it comes to underneath it should be stylish and comfortable as well. It is important for a bride to happily start new weds period.

So before going to shop lingerie, bride must know in how many types it comes. Numerous sorts of bridal lingerie are available in the market; it depends on the taste of the bride and her body shape.  A bribe is suggested with following types of lingerie to consider: Continue reading

Whey Protein – Reviews & Studies on Whey Protein in Powder Form.

Whey protein has assumed in the fitness world by now a very popular position. Every second of muscle training runs, consumed a whey protein for building muscle or to lose weight.

And I ask myself, the effect of whey protein is really so outstanding that we should buy extra a relatively expensive powder? Read more in this post …

What is Whey Protein and where it comes from?

Whey protein is obtained from cow’s milk. Fresh cow milk contains a protein content of 3.3% on average per 100g.

This protein content is made up of two different types of proteins:

  • 7%casein proteins and
  • 6% whey proteins / Whey Protein

In cheese making, the casein protein is responsible for the solidification of the milk.

Since casein is completely coagulated in cheese production, the so-called whey remains as cloudy liquid.

In cheese production, the whey is a waste product. However, for muscle building it is very valuable because it contains high-quality whey proteins, called in English also Whey Protein.

Tip: In the production of whey protein, there are various methods. Depending on the process, the quality is higher and purer.Basically, you then differentiates the final product under whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and whey protein hydrolyzate. Where exactly are the differences.

How compatible is whey protein for the human body?

Portrait of a beautiful girl in the studio athletes

Although all mammals produce milk for their offspring, however, be noted that the milk is different from species to species. These differences relate not only to fat and calories but also on the composition of the contained casein proteins and whey proteins.

In cow’s milk are whey protein and casein in a ratio of 20:80. This composition could inter alia be because calves can utilize the casein protein better by the enzyme rennet.


Lab curdles casein, which is what is used for cheese production. Other Mammals do not have the corresponding enzyme. These, in turn, the ratio between casein and whey protein is significantly postponed.

Also interesting: In human breast milk whey make proteins, for example from 60% of total proteins. The human body is thus very well equipped to process whey protein!

Why is whey protein for strength athletes as a dietary supplement so popular?


In order to build muscles is not only regular exercise is important but also the proper diet. Who has trained hard automatically have a higher protein requirement.

I recommend this experience of at least 1.4 to 2.0 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight daily supply to constantly build muscle.

In an 80-kilogram lifters so that’s 112-160 grams of protein per day. It is also important to use proteins which provide a high quality amino acid composition and are perfectly usable for building muscle. It is also called by the biological value.

This relatively high amount is often worked by strength athletes with Whey Protein Shakes cover of protein a day, as they provide many advantages.

On the one hand they are quickly prepared and delicious and on the other hand they provide a high amount of rapidly absorbable proteins, which can optimally recycled for toning the body.

When is the best time for taking whey protein?

Important: Whether the time of ingestion of whey protein has a crucial impact on the effectiveness of the proteins is not yet medically clarified.

According to a study at the Department of Health and Exercise Science at the College of New Jersey, the time of ingestion could not lead to differences in muscle growth.

At the Department of Orthopedic Surgery, Institute of Sports Medicine Copenhagen contrast was found that the differences between the various protein variations were mixed, depending on the time at which they were taken.

The highest rate of protein synthesis occurs in Whey Protein already about two hours after taking a while casein protein considerably later leads, for example, to an effect.

A clear conclusion to an altered effect on the human body, by different administration times, but can not be made until today.

Conclusion and Recommendation

Whey protein is a very helpful tool for building muscle. The quality amino acid composition makes the whey protein for our bodies so valuable, why not power athletes should refrain.

To create a diet plan that also contains whey protein in reasonable quantities, the experts recommend vo n, i n their detailed review , the portal




New Bridal Sophia Nighty Styles Just in! Lingerie |

Camisole & Chemise

Sophia is a made in Bridal line of beautiful nighty & lingerie and loungewear made for the modern Pakistani women with a touch of glamour and classic styles with a twist.

Designer Sara has been studying, designing and making clothing since the time she could hold a needle. Sara received her BA from Harvard in English. She was called “Harvard’s Ace Student of Fashion” by the Boston Globe for creating and showing her own line of women’s wear in the only one-person fashion show there in memory. She named her line after the title character in the novel Lolita, which she wrote her thesis about and which continues to intrigue and inspire her.

“I love lingerie because it dances between public and private domains. It can be a woman’s own secret that makes her feel special or something beautiful for display. Lola Haze is for a playful, confident woman who loves the transformative power of clothing and dresses for herself. She can wear Lola Haze as innerwear, loungewear, or outerwear.”

Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (1) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (2) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (3) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (4) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (5) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (6) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (7) Bridal Lingerie Nighty Pakistan (8)

Lingerie Shopping in Karachi by Ladies | Girls

Karachi Shopping

Lingerie shopping in Karachi is not an easy task; more difficult and awkward than it sounds. There are two factors that make this task super difficult if you are a lady karachiite. First and the foremost is the availability of desired lingerie item and the last but not the least is the Price factor.  When you find the right place, prices always scare you and if you find the price reasonable, quality does not charm you. There are big and luxurious shops in famous malls like dolmen and park towers but the price of one simple chemise is around 4000, and quality so much comprised.

Bridal Accessories

Lingerie is considered as an important part of bridal accessories and only the bride-to-be(s) can feel this pain. Going to different shops and finding low quality product with huge price tags. But they buy because they need. In fact the designs offered are so limited that they feel like everywhere there are same designs with different colors.  Our thorough survey of different lingerie outlets in Karachi concluded that no outlet offers long intimate gowns, the dream of every bride to be and luxury sleep lovers.

Lingerie does not simply mean a chemise or a slip with a bow on it, there are approx more than hundred types of lingerie and sleepwear; long gowns, garters, bandeau, maxis, teddies and so on and on and on and to our extreme disappointment, these online or mall outlets stock not more than two types; slips and baby dolls.

Availability of Desired Items

Another problem involved with lingerie shopping is the availability of desired items under one roof, which we found nowhere in Karachi, not even in the biggest and the most expensive outlets. Our survey further showed that colors offered in lingerie are very basic and boring; black, white and fawn. And when it comes to bridal lingerie, no outlet; yes no outlet in Karachi offers lingerie with embellishments. Red color lingerie is a rare thing too.

Imported Dot PK is not an overnight established store, there are extreme efforts and research involved. We have stocked lingerie for the ladies in every style. The designs we have selected and the material we have chosen is best in the market. Quality is our promise and most of our client tell us that they found the product more beautiful than what is shown in the pictures. All designs and laces are very intricate and stitched with extreme perfection.


The Evolution – From Bras to Bridal Lingerie

Over 2000 years of Sexy, hot and intimate Lingerie Apparel

2500 B.C.E – Breasts as Weapons (pre-Madoona)weapon

The Minoans of Crete used strips of leather curved around their breasts showing them forward, upward and out of their clothing, emphasizing their “warrior-like” appearance.


Classical Civilizations – Function Over Form

bing bandsNot pretty but functional, Ancient Greek women wore binding bands of gauze around their breasts called mastodeton. The Romans, whose fashion sense was close to the Greeks, called this band mamillere and fascia.


The Middle Ages – Pretty on the Outsideeurope lilngerie

European women wore plain linen chemises under their clothes purely to keep their outer clothes clean. Washing was not a priority. They didn’t call it the Dark Ages for nothing.


1300s – Beginnings of Shapewear

Women began wearing stiff linen bodices called cottes to flatten their breasts and cinch their waists under tailored outerwear, later, women would use glue to further stiffen the linen creating early corsets.


1500s – The Elizabethans “Baby Got Back”

The Elizabethans Baby Got BackFarthingales or hoops were worn to accentuate the elongated waist created by whalebone corsets. Women also wore a “burn roll” or stiffened linen roll to make their hips appear wider. Hocks and snaps were invented to prevent corsets from opening accidentally and undergarments became decorative with lace.


1800s The Victorians: Sexy Prudes

  • The hourglass figure ideal emerged during the Victorian era. Elastic corsets victorianswere invented, crinoline created full skirts and women began wearing frilly pantaloons and the first silk underwear. Underclothes were colorful and lacy.
  • Victorian eroticism involved anticipation. Getting undressed was an arduous task with all those clothes and process gave rise to the STRIP TEASE.
  • In 1876, garters that held up stockings were invented and French dancers showed them off by dancing the Can-Can kicking their legs in the air so the audience could see their sexy garters and stockings underneath.


Late 1800s – Women Get Bras and Athletic Wear Still Can’t Vote

Marie Tucek’s “Breast Supporter” is an early bra with two separate pockets for each breast, shoulder straps, hook and eye closures. Women also began warning knickers so they could enjoy the invention of the bicycle.


1907 – Fashion Gets Sassy

The word “Brassiere” first appears in Vogue magazine.


1912 – Bras Go Academic

The word “Brassiere” appears in the Oxford Dictionary.


1914 – Bras Get More Comfortable, Women Still Can’t Vote

Mary Phelps Jacob Patents her “backless brassiere” – a lighter weight bra separating the breasts more naturally.


1920 – Women Get The Vote & Breasts Go Out of Style1920 bra

  • WARNERS created a tight fitting bra that flattened rather than supported the bust during the “Flapper” era.
  • MAIDENFORM hired Ida Rosenthal who created the internationally adopted cup sizes, A, B, C, D etc.

1930 – Depression Era. No Money, Big Breasts

  • PADDED BRAS becomes the norm to help enhance the women’s shape.
  • RUBBER CORSETS were also developed but they were hazardous if on close too close to the fire.

WWII – It’s not just Parachute Material …

Manufacturers began to develop synthetic materials & incorporate them into undergarments.


1960s – What Does One Wear Under A Kaftan?

Comfortable fabrics such as Lycra or Spandex are used and more creative styles and sizes of bras are offered.


2000s – Breasts, Waists, Corsets, Panties … The Vote.

Advancements in technology, materials & understanding of a woman’s body means anything goes.


Contemporary options for the wedding day/night

Designers today dream up innovative patterns & dramatic lines. There is a style of bridal lingerie that suits every woman’s personality and silhouette


Bridal Body Shaper for the Perfect Silhouette

  • Shaper underwear, now made form soft stretchy fabrics that control without restricting or squashing the body, has come a long way since the girdles & corsets of yesteryear.
  • Backless body suits provide a good level of support or the chest while flattening the stomach.

Bridal Bras

  • Sating lace push-up bras keep everything in its place.
  • Strapless bras & plunge bras will show cleavage off to its full effect.
  • An adhesive bra will provide plenty of support without showing, when a backless dress is worn.


Something invisible and comfortable.


  • Bustiers & Thongs
  • Crotchless Panties
  • Babydoll Sets
  • Fishnet Cami Sets
  • It’s traditional to wear a garter, so

Why not wear STOCKINGS AND A G-STRING with it?