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Coronavirus Walk Through Sanitizer Gate in Karachi, Pakistan

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Quick Overview

We have three affordable Walk-Through sanitizer anti Coronavirus gates to meet your need at affordable price in Karachi. Government of Pakistan is regulating rules which make Sanitizer gates to be mandatory before lockdown ends and markets open in proper manner.

Here you can find best range of walk through gates for Hospitals, Hotels, Schools, Officers, Malls and Mosques.

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Coronavirus Walk Through Gate/Door Manufacturer & Wholesale Suppliers from Karachi, Pakistan


1) Panaflex Basic
Disinfect Machine + Panaflex Tunnel outer = Rs. 28,000

2) Fiber Premium
Disinfect Machine + Fiber Tunnel outer = Rs. 45,000

3) Glass Elegant
Disinfect Machine + Glass Tunnel outer = Rs. 1,80,000

4) DIY for buyers outside Karachi
Disinfect Machine + without Tunnel outer = Rs. 15,000 (Best for businesses outside Karachi.)

*Above prices does not cover transportation cost.

Contact (Call/Whatsapp): 0332-9272722

What you will get?

Our system contains following parts.

  1. Imported Electric Motor (12 v., D.C.)
  2. PVC Piping
  3. Best Quality Automatic Sensor for Motion Detection (out door use)
  4. Water Tank (15 Litre)
  5. Imported Brass nozzles
  6. Wooden Structure
  7. Panaflex/ Fiber/ Glass Cover
  8. Led Light
  9. Width X Height X Depth (5” X 6.5” X 8”)


There are two main parts of Coronavirus Disinfect Walk-Through Gate, which effects on pricing and availability.

First, It’s electrical and mechanical circuit, which by in large same in most of the cases, except few variation. For example, few disinfect gates use brass nozzle and other plastic nozzles. So far pump is concern, half horse power or less is required. There are many plumbers cum engineer sellers are using one horse power pump, which effects the pipes and joints in long run due to the extreme power pressure in tiny lines. So avoid it.

NOTE: There are mainly two types of motion sensors available in the market. First is indoor use only and second is for outdoor use. The indoor sensor is cheap in price but create serious issues when put in high temperature and light. As, our city temperate already crossed 30 degree centigrade, It stops functioning. Indoor sensors are not made to work in light and heat. As all walk through gates has to be installed outside, we need outdoor use only motion detectors, which can work in extra heat and light. All our walk through gates have built in outdoor use only motion detectors. Few scammers are selling manual walk through Gates. Be aware that, whole system has to me automatic, control by automatic sensors. In this way, system only creates mist when someone walks in.

Second, It’s structure. Which can range from few thousand to several hundred thousand rupees, depends upon material and look.  To reduce the price, we have using basic structure covered by Panaflex.  If you replace panaflex with fiber or steel, then the price will increase multiple times.

Automatic sanitizing walk-through gate which kill 99.9% germs and virus including Coronavirus. It is fastest automatic disinfection solution available in Pakistan to combat ongoing pandemic.

Different types of Anti-Corona Models are getting popular day by day. All of models are eco-friendly and safe for kids and adults both. All displayed models are fully automatic and made of high quality parts. We are confident that our solution will play in big role after lock down ends in Pakistan. Different models provide ideal solution to markets, factories, office, mosques and educational institutions like colleges and schools. The technology used in these models is first of it’s kind in Pakistan. Our company also providing walk-through gates on rental basis at affordable fee.

Types of Sensitization Models:




Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I visit and see how these Coronavirus disinfection Gate works?
    Yes, why not? We are located in Karachi. Our prospect customers visit our vicinity at University road during business hours.
  2. What is warranty time?
    3 month. Our guarantee include replacement of all electrical and mechanical goods. For more information, please go through our guarantee label at the time of purchase.
  3. How much I have to pay per visit after warranty ends?
    Rs. 500 is our visiting charges. It does not cover replacement part price or repair service charges.
  4. Are these Walk through Gates are mandatory by government?
    We are waiting for the notifications. It is assumed that Travel n Tourism industry must have these gates installed at their premises.
  5. How big water tank should be?
    15 liter tank sanitizes runs 250 times. You need to calculate, how many visitors will be going through per day. For example, you have 50 visitors per day, then 15 liter tank is enough for five days.
  6. Which disinfection liquid we use in Walk Through Gate?
    Virkon, which is industrial standard in UK. It has been widely use in Wuhan, Saudi Arabia and North Korea during Corona Virus outbreak. Second option is Chlorine, Which is much cheaper solution and easily available in Pakistan.
  7. What are the graphics printed on Outer tunnel?
    Our branding at the front side and your company’s logo and name at the side walls.
  8. How Anti-Coronavirus Walk Through Door is helpful in slowdown the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus?
    Similar to other coronavirus infections , as well as many respiratory tract infections, SARS-CoV-2 is primarily transmitted by air. Transmission occurs through droplets that are produced and spread in the environment as we speak, cough, sneeze. If these droplets come into contact with a person's mucous membranes (for example, those of the mouth, eyes or nose), directly or because they are carried by the hands, the virus can enter the body and cause disease. coronavirus transmission through droplets These droplets remain suspended in the air for a short time and are able to travel a short distance: direct transmission from person to person occurs mainly if the distance between the two subjects is less than 1 meter.

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  1. Best Service review by Wajid S. on 5/3/2020

    Best Service in Karachi

  2. Happy Client review by Wasif on 5/3/2020

    5 start product.

  3. no advance payment. review by Shahid on 5/1/2020

    Quick installation, no advance payment.

  4. Distributor in Faisalabad review by Mr. Tariq on 4/19/2020

    I am old customer of When they launched walk through gate services, I requested them to make me Faisalabad distributor. I trust these guys and their quality of services. Feel free to contact me, if you are from Faisalabad at 03006653509.

  5. Customized Solution, No Extra Cost. review by Jameel Sahib on 4/16/2020

    I am really thankful to these guys. Our mohalla Mosque has very small entrance. They customized the size according to our need. Which took extra time and effort from their side. They didn't try to exploit the situation by asking extra money.

  6. Helped in difficult times review by Mustaqeem Masjid on 4/16/2020

    They installed walk through gate at our Mustaqeem Mosque in lock down situation. They have friendly staff.

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