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How to measure your bra size?

Bra sizes are myth for every woman who wears bra. Especially in Pakistan very little is known about bra sizes and specifically cup sizes. Well measuring your correct bra size is not very difficult. Ladies get confused when they wear one sizes in one brand and when they buy the same size in other brand, they find it either loose or tight or simply not okay. Here we are making it very simple for you to measure your bra size before you order bra at our website. Follow the following steps and you will find your perfect bra size.

Over Bust Size

Take a measuring tape. Please read the measurements in inches. Run this measuring tape around you body but under the breast. Note down the inches. If your measurement is odd number like 31 then consider sizes like 32 or 30. If your measurement is even number like 32 then this is your band size. We say this measurement B. Next step is to measure the cup size. To measure cup size bend over a little towards the ground so that all your breast tissues come forward. Then run the measure tape around your body but it should be exactly running around your breast and don’t hold the tape too tight. Just in the position your breast can relax. Note down the measurement in inches. We say this measurement A.

Now Calculate your bra size using our Bra Size Calculator;

Put measurement A and B  in their respective fields, be sure that you are putting the right measurement in right field, the measurements should be in inches, when satisfied with your input, press "Calculate Bra Size" and voila! there you have your accurate bra size, thank us later!

Over Bust Size (A):
Under Bust size (B):
Calculate Bra Size

*Calculate your bra size and see our top selling bras in your size.

Your Size is: 32A
Bra Size Calculator in Pakistan