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Privacy Policy

Initial guidelines:

Anyone can visit our website anonymously. However, we would take some basic information from you when you register to our site, subscribe to our newspaper, place an order or fill out any form. While getting registered on the site or placing an order you would be asked for your name and e-mail address.  


How we utilize your Personal Information:

The information provided by you can be used in the following ways: 

  • Personalizing your experience 

Our experts would be able to model our products and content to suit your taste.  

  • Improving our website 

We keep updating our website according to the responses provided by our valuable customers. 

  • Improving customer service 

Your responses would help us make our customer support service useful for you exceptionally.   

  • Processing Transactions 

Your personal information would stay confidential with us. If it needs to be given out it will be with your approval and consent. Our delivery person, however, would receive your information for delivery purposes only.  

Your bill and order details would be sent to you via email on the email address provided by you.  

 Taking care of your security: 

To secure your personal information we take exceptional security measures. These include in-place measures and techniques using firewalls. This way your information would not be accessed unlawfully or by un-authorized personal and lost, destructed or damaged accidentally. While collecting your information we do so through a secure server. Before disclosing personal information to you we take proof of your identity for security purposes.  

Using Cookies: 

Cookies are small files that get transferred by a site to your computer’s hard drive via your web browser. If you give the permission the site’s systems can remember certain information of yours and recognize your browser the next time you use the site.   

Our purpose of using cookies is to remember and process items in your shopping cart so we get to know your preferences so we advertise accordingly.  


Does your data get exchangewith others? 

As mentioned above we affirm that your data does not get traded, sold or transferred to third parties.  


Notifying in case of Policy changes or variations: 

Any kind of policy change or variation we would notify you via e-mail and would also update our website.